Dermal Filler


Lip Filler / Augmentation

Lip Fillers are a fantastic way of defining the shape and size of your lips using injections. Collagen is the primary filler material used in lip injections. Collagen enables your lips to appear bigger and naturally suited to your facial features. JA Studios provides different types of Lip Filler methods that can alter your Lips’ size, structure and volume.

Lip injections enhance your lips, they have many benefits, such as smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth. Lip fillers ae not permanent. Allowing you to make any changes if you are not completely happy with the technique you previously chose.

Advanced Filler (Chin, Cheeks and Jaw)

Profile Balancing is fast becoming a popular treatment and is defined as several different procedures. Dermal Filler can also be added to the face to create a more defined and contoured look. This method is less invasive and less expensive than a surgical augmentation.

Loran Stripp Lips

Loran Stripp Lips are a completely new technique and much different from our popular Russian Lips. The refilling includes a combination of injecting skills such as Butterfly & Michelangelo techniques to create a new shape that provides volume, structure and shape to the lip. The sterile tape is used to achieve a more everted lip, whilst preventing filler migration. The client is then required to keep the tape on for 24-48 hours before removal. If you are looking for a way to dissolve your lips and refill without the wait in-between, then this treatment is perfect for you!

Rhinoplasty and Pixie Tip

Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical procedure using dermal fillers to enhance the shape, contour and straighten the Nose. This is a safe and effective way for those who do not want to undergo plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty usually lasts between 9-18 months. The pain is very minimal and there is no downtime with this treatment. This is perfect for those who want to temporarily address issues like a small bump, a drooping nasal tip, and asymmetry.

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